Update from Amy Knupp, Executive Director of Special Education

Competent Private Instruction Update (Home Schooling)

  • Senate File 496 removed the prior approval by a Director of Special Education requirement for students with disabilities who will be home schooled.  Guidance regarding this approval process is removed from state procedures.
  • Families of learners with disabilities who choose Competent Private Instruction (CPI) continue to have the ability to revoke consent for special education or to request special education through dual enrollment to the district.  Families will follow the same process of notifying their district of homeschooling, using “Form A” when appropriate.  The Home Schooling for Students in Special Education Parent Notification and Acknowledgement form will continue to be used by families to indicate their choice (revocation or dual enrollment) – the form has been modified, removing the Director approval requirement.

Questions should be addressed to Amy Knupp, Executive Director of Special Education.


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