Message from the ACHIEVE Team

Welcome to the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year! On behalf of the entire ACHIEVE team, I am honored to share with you a summary of the extensive list of enhancements and improvements that have been made to the system over the summer to improve user experience and enhance the quality of data reporting.

Allow me to introduce myself — my name is Shannon Grundmeier and I will be supporting the ongoing implementation of ACHIEVE.  We have many changes to celebrate and more in the works.

Please note the following:

  • A summary of all Summer 2023 Enhancements & Improvements can be found by clicking the System Release Notes/Updates link in the left navigation panel under the Help section within ACHIEVE.
  • Share this content with local LEA Special Education Directors at your earliest convenience.

If you have further questions please reach out to Ashley Sires, Central Rivers AEA Regional Administrator/ACHIEVE Lead.

Please be sure to check the updates prior to submitting tickets. There are a number of updates that you all have provided to the State that have been completed! Here are a few highlights…
  • 1) Re eval date will now calculate based on roll call, not the finalization of Re evals
  • 2) Amendments are now labeled as such instead of IEP program on documentation stepper
  • 3) They can no longer create an FBA accidentally via the quick link. This and a few other forms are now found on the documentation stepper under a new Forms section
  • Location Search: Updating the default location search to automatically load the most recent District/School/Building so users won’t have to enter it each time
  • Collection of Additional Information Form: Correcting form functionality to ensure it is available for use at any time; currently it is only available during the Functional Behavior Assessment process
  • PK to K IEPs: Updating all 4-year-old IEPs to be PK-K Transition IEPs, rather than requiring users to check this option
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