RECP: Regular Early Childhood Program

  • RECP defined: A session, class, or recurring activity that enrolls less than or equal to 50% of children on an IEP for instructional support and/or related special education services
  • RECP and LRE
    • The pie chart on the Preschool IEP summary stepper only reflects SDI services and the amount of time a child is removed from typically developing peers for those service delivery minutes.  
    • The RECP reflects the programming that a child receives with access to typically developing peers. If there is no RECP listed that reflects a self-contained placement for service delivery.
  • Prior to finalizing the initial IEP
    • Double check that an RECP is documented, if applicable
      • A child attending a self-contained program will still have an RECP of 0.0
    • Answer the question “will this child attend this RECP after the meeting” 
  • Practices to support our data entry assistants, Margy & Amanda, in being able to fill out the EC Matrix accurately
    • Try to use common time increments through the IEP
      • RECP is documented in minutes or hours of attendance per week – try to use that same time increment throughout SDI documentation
      • If you need to use daily or monthly, within the SDI boxes be specific about the number of days per week and hours per day the child is attending
    • If you receive an e-mail asking about RECPs from the data entry assistants Margy & Amanda, use concrete language – 
      • Self-Contained (not small class)
      • General education (not big/regular class)
  • If you have additional questions, or want to walk through a specific case, Katie Devereaux will have Zoom office hours on: 

ACHIEVE PK to K Transition 
Recorded Webinar

Questions? Please reach out to Ashley Sires, Regional Administrator, or Katie Devereaux, Early Childhood Special Education Consultant

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