Medicaid Billing Clarification from LEA and AEA

In the past, schools have been able to pull a Medicaid report out of the Legacy system to see which students are Medicaid eligible.  At this point Medicaid has not been updated in ACHIEVE so there is not a report for them to print also the Medicaid report out of the Legacy system is not updated which makes it incorrect.  This has been a frustration both for the LEA and AEA.

Schools bill Medicaid services for their LEA staff that are working with Medicaid eligible students.   If LEAs have questions about a report, please forward them to Pam Kabela, Special Education data lead.  If the school is asking for something that Pam can not help them with their questions can go to Jim Donoghue, Iowa Department of Education.

AEA bills Medicaid for AEA staff that work with Medicaid-eligible students.  AEA staff questions should come to Amanda Hennigar, Special Education data technician, or Marcia Brolsma, Administrative Assistant to Amy Knupp.

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