Professional development reminders

A few reminders when requesting a Professional Development offering inside or outside Central Rivers AEA.

  1. When requesting a new PD request,  please read through your options on the first page and pay close attention to what is highlighted in red.  This will make the process go much quicker.  For instance, the only time you would request a “PO Number Needed” is when it is an internal offering – meaning a Central Rivers AEA offering.

2. In order to make the process easier for you and your administrative assistant, please enter as much information and as many details as possible.

    • Remember to tell them if you need to be registered for the offering
    • If there is a flier or website for the conference – attach/upload the flier
    • If you want your administrative assistant to log into an online account for you to register for an offering make sure you put this in your request along with the username and password if necessary.  Please add in optional comments
    • Is lunch included?  Please add this in optional comments. Are there breakout sessions?  Please add in optional comments

3. It is the responsibility of the staff member to log into the Professional Development system and request the offering.  (you can do this through class link)

4. There is just one approver now, the PD request will go to your supervisor and then to your administrative assistant.


If you have any questions, please reach out your Administrative Assistant.

Regions 1-3 : Laura Rinnels, Administrative Assistant

Regions 4-7: Cole Adams, Administrative Assistant

Regions 8-11: Rebekah Robbs, Administrative Assistant

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