ACHIEVE: transferring students & move-in from out of state

ACHIEVE – Quick Questions
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How do teachers transfer a student between buildings or providers?
Each child with an IEP has a facilitator named (this is similar to Legacy’s A Page Provider/Teacher). The facilitator is able to transfer the child to a new facilitator or share the child’s case with other providers while remaining the facilitator by the simple click of a button on the learner’s dashboard.
For more information on completing this process, view the following resource within the ACHIEVE Professional Learning System (PLS):
How do I begin an IEP for a student who has moved-in from out of state and has an active IEP? 
It is important, before you begin searching for a move-in student, that you ensure that the student is registered and has been added to the district’s student information system (SIS). When the student has been added to the SIS, a child search can be completed and you can find the steps to begin a move-in IEP utilizing this link:
Questions? Email Ashley Sires, Regional Administrator.
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