The Department of Ed released to ACHIEVE last night (10/11) as part of a regularly scheduled update. Users can expect to see these changes when they log-in to ACHIEVE on Thursday, 10/12/23.


  • Learner names will be updated to reflect legal names instead of preferred names/nicknames.
    This change will appear on screen anywhere in ACHIEVE and in newly generated reports where the learner name is displayed. Learner names will not update retroactively on previously generated reports or PDF documents.
  • Early ACCESS Evaluation and Assessment Report will be launched in ACHIEVE for IFSP teams currently entering notes in the Evaluation/ Assessment Details stepper. Additional details regarding this report can be viewed here.
Coming Soon: We have other important updates to share as well!
  • Launch of ACHIEVE IVRS Access Point: We are currently on track to launch the first phase of the new ACHIEVE IVRS access point during the week of October 23, 2023. This access point will enable IVRS staff to obtain access to ACHIEVE information on behalf of learners who have provided consent to Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  • Launch of ACHIEVE Family Portal: We are currently in the final testing stages of the ACHIEVE Family Portal. We have set a tentative launch date for late-spring 2024. Before the Family Portal goes live, we will be collaborating with families as well as AEA and LEA partners to develop training and communication materials for family users to help ensure a smooth experience.
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