Attention Central Rivers AEA staff: keep an eye out for monthly phishing campaigns

Did you know… 20% of our Central Rivers AEA staff failed our latest phishing campaign? Staff that are unsuccessful in monthly phishing campaigns will be required to complete an assigned online training.

What does it mean to “fail” an agency phishing campaign? Our agency regularly sends out test emails to staff with phishing red flags embedded within the emails. These phishing emails provide opportunities for staff to practice identifying phishing red flags and report/delete malicious emails. These test emails also provide us with data to identify staff who need additional training and support. Need a refresher on the red flags to look out for? Review our CRAEA Phishing Red Flags Poster.

What happens if I fail an agency phishing campaign? If you fail a phishing campaign, you will receive a follow-up email from Sarah Nelson, Director of IT/Special Programs, notifying you of your assigned training. Once you receive the notification, you will have two weeks to complete the assigned training. If you are unable to complete the training within the two-week window, your supervisor will follow up with you.

If you have questions about the assigned training, please reach out to Ashley Samek, IT/Special Programs Coordinator, or Sarah Nelson, Director of IT & Special Programs.

To learn more about the previous phishing email in March and get a preview of the training you’ll receive if you don’t pass, watch this video. Remember that each training campaign will come with its own unique video.

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