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Did you know that every certified Central Rivers AEA staff member can not only earn a badge when completing a micro-credential, but you can also earn $250 in the process?

Central Rivers AEA is proud to offer personalized options for professional learning.  We know there are more ways to learn than attending face-to-face classes. Micro-credentials are one way to allow the learner to customize what, how, and when they learn. The pace is flexible, there is no set start or end time, and the focus is on job-embedded learning rather than the amount of time it takes to complete an assignment. There are a variety of resources to support the learner, including articles, videos, pre-recorded presentations, and digital tools. Each micro-credential requires a demonstration of competence or evidence of learning.

Central Rivers AEA certified staff members can earn multiple badges by engaging in micro-credentials and the Educator Quality Professional Development Committee has agreed to pay $250 for your first one completed. Micro-credentials must be earned by June 30th, 2023, and will be paid in the July payroll. 

Below is a full list of micro-credentials currently in the system, some may also lead to one license renewal credit. Also, if a micro-credential has been completed as part of something else, the stipend will still be paid for completing the micro-credential assuming that that person is certified staff and it’s the first one earned. 

    • Universal Design for Learning– Always wanted to know more about Universal Design for Learning? What is it? How can I implement the components of UDL into my instruction? **This micro-credential can be taken for 1 License Renewal Credit
    • Learner Choice Is Motivational!What is learner choice? How can I implement opportunities for learner choice in my classroom? In this Micro Credential, the learner will explore the components of learner choice. **This micro-credential can be taken for 1 License Renewal Credit
    • Citing Materials and Resources Appropriately– Need some tools to help you consider the ethical issues surrounding use and ownership of copyrighted materials? **This micro-credential can be taken for 1 License Renewal Credit
    • Accelerating Learning for AllAccelerating learning for all students is no easy task- but how!? **This micro-credential can be taken for 1 License Renewal Credit
    • The Inquiry Process: Structured InquiryHow can you increase student engagement, get students to be more creative, and build student agency? The inquiry process of learning! This learning will set the framework for using inquiry in your classroom and building a process where students ask the questions to deepen understanding. **This micro-credential can be taken for 1 License Renewal Credit
    • What is the Science of Reading?Have you heard some chatter about these words the “Science of Reading” lately? Teachers, administrators, and even journalists are talking about these important words and how they impact literacy education. Have you ever wondered what they actually mean? **This micro-credential can be taken for 1 License Renewal Credit
    • Creating a Micro-CredentialDo you want to spend your time coaching the progress of the instructional educators you lead? Or would you rather spend your time planning and delivering professional learning and putting out fires every day? Which scenario is best for students?

Micro-credential can be found on our on-demand system. Learn more about micro-credentials by engaging in this on-demand content. **Note just like all of our on-demand content, micro-credentials are open to all. Please feel free to share with others as you feel appropriate.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kay Schmalen, Director of Professional Learning.

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