Intensive literacy instruction for struggling readers – course

This course is for anyone teaching students in intensive intervention (Tier 3) who are reading at 3rd- grade level or below. The purpose of this course is to teach educators how to provide targeted and intensive instruction to students struggling in phonological awareness and phonics through the use of systematic, explicit instructional strategies. These strategies are based on Orton- Gillingham methodology. This course will include an emphasis on implementation through coaching sessions provided between classes. The content of this course was previously taught in courses titled “A Multisensory Approach to Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, “Supporting Struggling Readers Including Those Diagnosed with Dyslexia in Grades 4-High School” and “Responsive Teaching in Literacy”. This course will complement the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) framework.


Participants will 1) learn how targeted literacy instruction fits into MTSS & the big picture of skilled reading 2) be able to create a collaborative, respectful learning environment within Tier 3 literacy instruction 3) be able to diagnose specific student needs based on assessment information in order to design instruction 4) taught how to use a systematic way to provide explicit instruction to teach phonological awareness and phonics and 5) implement intensive instruction in literacy for students based on feedback and coaching.


This course consists of six instructor-facilitated classes with consultant coaching support in the district between sessions. 

Location: Cedar Falls  

September 15th

September 27th 

October 13th 

November 8th

December 8th 

January 12th 



Materials Fee:100.00 /person (includes instructional materials, texts, & printed resources) 

*Additional fees for graduate/renewal credit

Course Number: #203713     Section:  #312500


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Melissa Blohm, Literacy Consultant.

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