Mental Health First Aid Offering

A course offering on Mental Health First Aid from National Council for Mental Well-Being will be offering December 1 and 2, 2021.

For more information, contact Linda Schumaker or Kandy Bienfang-Lee.


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Iowa Standards for School Leaders

Learn together about the Iowa Standards for School Leaders:

CR – The New Leadership Standards Focused Deep Dive:  Pathway 2 (Evaluator Approval)

Iowa Standards for School Leaders and criteria represent a set of knowledge and skills that reflects the best evidence available regarding effective leadership for Iowa schools. The standards and criteria are linked to the evaluation of administrators and the professional development plans for administrators.

CRAEA is offering a course to dive into and implement the ISSL standards.  Participants will engage in learning how to align evidence from their day to day work to the new Iowa Leadership Standards for Education Administrators.  This course addresses the following outcomes:

  1. The identification of quality instruction and practices based on the Iowa teaching standards and criteria. 
  2. The use of multiple forms of data collection for identifying and supporting performance and development. 
  3. The understanding and development of conferencing and feedback skills. 
  4. The development of skills in data based decision making. 

This course starts on November 4, 2021.  Click here to register.  For more information contact:  Bradi Johnson or Jo Prusha.

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SDI Coaching Network

SDI Coaching Network is now available for licensure renewal credit. This networking opportunity is designed to support anyone coaching educators and/or teams in improving practices using the SDI Framework. 

For more information about these monthly Zoom sessions:  SDI Coaching Network 

Use the following link to sign up for the course: SDI Coaching Year 1

Contact with Questions: Lorelei Lake or Jennifer Schmitt.

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Translations Guidelines

The AEA’s responsibility to translate documents into a student’s native language is as follows:

  • IFSPs – PWN and Initial Consent for Evaluation only  (unless the family requests the whole IFSP)
  • IEPs  – PWN and Initial Consent for Evaluation
  • Speech only IEPs – PWN and Initial Consent for Evaluation

Statewide procedures require only the PWN and Consent for Evaluation forms be translated in addition to an interpreter present at IEP/IFSP meetings. 

Please communicate to your staff that IEP services and supports must be thoroughly documented on the PWN so parents have a clear understanding of what services and supports the IEP team determines their child will receive.

When needing documents translated please contact Melinda Boller  in our Clear Lake office and she will be able to pass along what you need.  

If you have questions, please contact Julie Miller.

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Attention Team Reps

All discipline meetings January-March will be held virtually from 1-3:30.  Please make sure your calendar is adjusted so that you can be present for the entire time.  If there are circumstances that arise that may interfere with your participation please speak directly with your RA.

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Attention All Special Education Staff

We are using The Stream as a one-stop shop for ALL information. The goal is to have consistent communication across the agency and to cut down on the number of emails you receive from different sources.

If you have information to add to The Stream that all need to know, please complete a write up and send it to your Discipline Administrative Liaison (check with your Discipline Lead if you’re not sure who that person is).

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Wednesday’s with Amy

Amy Knupp’s weekly Wednesday meetings has new updates from October 20.

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Wednesday’s With Amy

Amy Knupp’s weekly Wednesday meetings has new updates from October 13.

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IEP Invalidation

Data Entry staff are noticing an increase in requests for invalidating IEP’s for a variety of reasons. Permission from Executive Director of Special Education, Amy Knupp, will now be needed before processing these requests. 

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CRAEA TLC Networking

The CRAEA TLC Advisory Team is hosting their second TLC Networking session of the 2021-2022 school year on 12/7/21.   These sessions are designed to prepare teacher leaders to serve as facilitators and activators of instructional practices in PK-12 school settings. Through role definition, personal goal-setting and reflective practices, the program provides a unique opportunity to explore collaborative processes, instructional frameworks, protocols, adult learning theory, and the instructional strategies necessary to build intentional capacity in teachers and teacher leaders involved in these processes. 

For more information contact: Jo Prusha, Keith Halverson or Bradi Johnson

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