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Episode 2:  The One About the Protocol for Accommodations in Reading (PAR) and the Universal PAR

Zoom with the CRAEA Assistive Technology team to learn more about PAR/uPAR.  This Zoom session includes information and discussion about the following key questions:  1)What is the PAR/uPAR? 2)Why do I need to know about PAR/uPAR? 3)How do I administer the PAR/uPAR? 

Target Audience:  Any CRAEA or LEA staff who support students with a reading goal.

November 13, 2019 3:30-4:15

 Zoom Link:

Tasha Miller

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Move In IEPs Guidance

Move-in IEP: The Move-in IEP option is intended to be used when an eligible individual moves to an Iowa school district from another state shortly before the fall count date. At all other times, select another IEP meeting type.

A move-in IEP provides the data necessary to include the child in the weighted count and allows the district and AEA to provide “services comparable to those described in the child’s IEP from the previous public agency” until a complete Iowa IEP is developed [281—41.323(6)]. A complete Iowa IEP must be developed as soon as practicable.

A move-in IEP requires completion of: Family Tab (student/adult information); A Tab; F Tab – if transportation services are included on Tab F, Tab G would require completion of the transportation question; RSD Tab

Clarification: When a student moves in from out of state the enrollment date must be used as the meeting date on the A page. Then the duration ending date would continue to be the same date as the out of state IEP.

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Technology Tip! 

Google sheets are a powerful tool that can help you organize data easily.  As you add more data to your sheet and scroll through it, the top row (header) or the first column on the right, may disappear. To solve this problem, use the Freeze option. The freeze option is found under view and then Freeze, it gives you options to freeze the first row or column or up to the current row.  

This short video (16 seconds) on how to access and use the Freeze option. If you want to know more about Google Sheets, check out the Google Teacher Center, GREAT resource with lots of how-tos and support!  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us! Kay Schmalen,  Michelle Cowell, Ashley Flatebo, Sarah Nelson, and Cari Teske

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Special Education Resources

CRAEA Guidance for Exiting Special Education

CRAEA Guidance for Special Education Forms

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Support Children and Youth

The agency wellbeing team is looking for staff who have an interest, knowledge base and passion for supporting children and youth who have autism. We continue to see a need for training in this area. (We understand that you may not consider yourself an expert in this area, but if you have an interest and some level of knowledge about this topic, please communicate with your RA.)


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Medicaid Billing

Just a friendly reminder that Medicaid billing is due by the 15th of each month.  If you have any questions about what students are on your SBS caseload, please contact Amanda Hennigar.  If you have questions in general about Medicaid, Amanda or Marcia Brolsma are happy to help you. You can also resource our Staff Website: >Integrated Services >Medicaid This will bring you to a spot that can answer almost all your questions about Medicaid billing. 

Thanks for all you do for the agency and keeping your Medicaid Billing current. 

Rod Ball/Marcia Brolsma

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Technology Tip of the Week!

Propose a new time within Google Calendar! Here’s the deal—we’ve been invited to a meeting or event via Google Calendar and either you accept it or decline it and that’s the end of that.  Do you wish that instead of declining it and then emailing everyone to find a new time, use Propose a New Time!

When a user is invited to a Calendar event, they can respond “Yes,” “No,” Maybe,” and now, “Propose a new time.” If calendar access permissions have been granted, guests can see the other attendees’ availability side by side, so they can suggest a time that works for everyone. Watch this video from G Suite!  








If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us! Kay Schmalen,  Michelle Cowell, Ashley Flatebo, Sarah Nelson, and Cari Teske

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Technology Tip of the Week!

When creating an event you sometimes want to easily create the Zoom meeting as well, right?  You can do that when you install the Zoom extension on your Chrome Browser. 

After you install it, click on the icon across the top of the browser and log in with your Zoom account.  When you create an event in your Google Calendar, there is an option to make it a Zoom Meeting. Add your guests and Make it a Zoom Meeting- it will create the event and ask you if you want to send an invitation to guests.  When it is time for your event, all participants just need to click on the event and then Join Zoom Meeting If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us!  posted by: Kay Schmalen, Michelle Cowell, Ashley Flatebo, Sarah Nelson, Cari Teske

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IEP Reminder: Move-in Students

When a student moves in from out of state, scan the out of state IEP and upload it to Associated Files of the new Iowa IEP.  Additionally, a Move-In IEP should only be used if a student moves in from out of state close to the October count date. The purpose is for the student to be counted as a resident of the district until a new Review or Reevaluation IEP can be completed.

Please also remember to update the resident address on the Family/Adult Tab so the information is accurate for Level 6 administrators and Data Entry staff. 

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Electronic Consent Forms

There have been a multitude of requests to Level 6 administrators requesting to unlock the Consent to Receive Electronic Consent forms.  If the form has been filled out incorrectly, the user(s) will need to add a new form and fill in the information correctly. Asking to have the Consent to Receive Electronic Consent form unlocked will no longer be an option. 

Reminder:  If there is more than one form, the most recent form will pull to page A, the Student List/My List/A Tchr/Sp, and the report.


  • The form should be added via the Forms tab and printed if getting a signature on a hard copy of the form.  Once the user has all the information they should enter the data in the form on the Forms tab (in order to track this data) and mark the form “complete.”
  • If the user has all the information, they can fill out the form and mark the form complete.
  • Form Date (top of form) should match the most recent date that is entered next to ‘I give consent, I do not consent, or no signature available’. 
  • Users should enter the email address if selecting ‘I give consent’.
  • It is recommended that the hard copy of the completed form be uploaded under Associated Files (if applicable). 
  • Once the user has selected ‘Yes, I am ready to archive the form’ the form is then locked and can not be edited.
  • If the user adds the Consent to Receive from via an Amendment and the Amendment gets processed prior to the form being filled in, then the form will archive blank.  A new form will need to be added in this situation.
  • If user enters data on the form prior to having all the information and is stuck in the form, they can remove what they have entered for dates by choosing ‘blank’ at the bottom of the calendar for date fields, remove any checkmark they have chosen, and go back to the Forms tab without ‘locking’ the form. 

If there are additional questions about the form, staff should review Procedures, look over the questions and answers document on, and/or reach out to Julie Miller,  the Procedures Contact at Central Rivers.  The LEAs are responsible for the completion, communication, and record-keeping of this consent form.

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