Weighted Enrollment Factor Matrix Clarifications

**For a student to get points for an Attendant on a bus, it has to say that an attendant will be sitting with the student.  A monitor does not count unless they are assigned to sit with just that student.  Bus monitors are there for everyone on the bus.  If everyone could be very specific about that, it would be fabulous!
**Assistive Tech needs to say “device”.  Chrome books and iPads do not count.  There are a lot of matrices coming in that are counting visuals such as books, pictures, etc. Toys that light up would also not be counted on the WEF.
Please remember that for a PK IEP, it is very important to mark the box on the RECP that says:
“Invite to IEP Meeting”.  If it isn’t marked, it doesn’t show how many hours per week the  student attends.  Data Techs need it marked to figure the points and how many minutes a day the student attends. 
Please contact Margy Averill in the Marshalltown office with questions.
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