CRAEA Staff Roles and Responsibilities as Districts Go Live

  • RA’s are working with districts to develop professional learning plans to meet the requirements of ACHIEVE. It is the LEA’s responsibility to engage in the Meet Iowa ACHIEVE and will receive this guidance from the DE through their “Welcome Package” The “Welcome Package” will be sent via email to the Superintendent or district special education contact. 
  • Districts can receive content training beginning 30 days prior to “Going Live” through the end of June 2023. RA’s are working with districts to develop an in-district learning plan or for attendance at one of our 2 day office trainings in June and August. 
  • Reach out to your RA if you have questions about professional learning plans, access to system, etc.  
  • In addition to a more effective and efficient data entry system, ACHIEVE also provides for a platform to move past meeting compliance and toward best practices to optimize student outcomes. In the course of the development of ACHIEVE, part of the purpose was to move away from a compliance based system to a student outcome system.  
  • Team Reps and Early Childhood Special Education Consultants will serve as a coach to guide teachers through the system. 
  • ACHIEVE District Welcome Package – This is only a reference. 

Accessing ACHIEVE/PLS/Sandbox

  • Logging into ACHIEVE via Ed Portal
  • Accessing the ACHIEVE Professional Learning System (PLS)
  • Using the ACHIEVE PLS Sandbox

IEP Actions when ACHIEVE Goes-Live

  • Although ACHIEVE functions will be available on the first day of the month the district selected to “go-live”, IEP teams will need to continue to use both the Legacy System and ACHIEVE.  All continuing activities (e.g., amendments, progress monitoring) will continue in the Legacy System and any new activities (e.g.,  evaluations, annual reviews, re-evaluations) will occur in ACHIEVE.   Once your district goes-live, the Legacy System will not permit users to begin a function that should be completed in ACHIEVE.  The following alphabetical list of typical functions is provided for greater clarity on what to do in which system.   

ACHIEVE COP May 1st Go Live Districts

  • This is an opportunity for staff who serve districts that Go Live on May 1st to ask questions and problem-solve together. (AGWSR, Iowa Falls-Alden, East Marshall, GMG, Grundy Center, Jesup, Mason City, Tripoli, Wapsie Valley, West Marshall)
    • April 27th Zoom Recording Passcode: PT*K4+u+
    • April 29th 10:15-10:45 
    • May 2nd 11:15-11:45
    • May 9th 8:15-8:45 
  • ACHIEVE will be down for migration on the following:
    • Friday, April 29th, 5 pm to Monday, May 2nd, 5 am
    • Every Friday in May from Saturday 11pm to Sunday 5 am.
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