Student-Centered Coaching

Student Centered Coaching has adapted to new contexts since CRAEA started offering this course.  SCC continues to be evidence-based and grounded in asking teachers what they would like their students to learn and be able to do, based off of our Iowa standards and operates under the following guiding principles:

  • Coaching is not about “fixing” teachers
  • Coaching is a partnership focused on student learning.
  • Coaching is about continual professional growth.
  • Coaching is part of a robust ecosystem of professional learning.

As we all have shifted our practices this past year, yet remained student-centered, we have learned to respond to the needs of students, teachers and our systems.  Our SCC learning sessions focus on building skills sets to adapt and meet the needs of our systems to deliver results for our students.  You will have access to firsthand experiences from teacher leaders who are out there right now doing their best to figure it all out.  Just like you.  As always, we invite your systems to use any of the shared tools as a launching-off point.  Never hesitate to adapt them to meet your needs; they and we are here for you. 

The graphic below represents how the Role of Relationships are connected to our Well-Being and SEL Competencies.  The Use of Data and Materials connects to building equity, designing learning opportunities connected to activating students’ learning and developing multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) for ALL learners.  The Perception of Coach and Roles point to the importance of connecting and leveraging our teacher leadership teams and AEA supports to create shared understandings.  As we learn these moves we will dive into and share practices (with tools) designed to scaffold our language, utilize checklists, protocols and other resources to create structures and coherence to leverage coaching conversations so we can continue to FOCUS on our students.

Our fourth day of learning for Year 1 teacher leaders and second day for Year 2 teacher leaders will be happening on January 25 and 26, 2022.  You can find more information here.  

Please contact Jo Prusha, Keith Halverson, or Bradi Johnson if you have any questions.


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