ISASP Individual Student Domain Analysis Template (Spring 2021 Results)

This spreadsheet can be used to display individual student performance (average percent of items answered correctly) as compared to state and local level domain performance (average percent of items answered correctly) across ELA, Mathematics and Science “subskill” domains.  This spreadsheet is intended to be used as a tool to gain a broad level of insight into a student’s strengths and weaknesses on the ISASP relative to both state and local performance. Although individual  ISASP performance  is not intended to be diagnostic, this spreadsheet can help staff use ISASP data, as part of a multiple sources of data decision-making process, to assist in the identification of student differences or “uniqueness”, and as a springboard for the collection of additional targeted information as instructional and placement decisions are made.

Data for this spreadsheet can be found on the Individual Student Report (preferred source) or the ISASP Student Data File (csv file) located on the Pearson Access Next secure website.  Please note, CRAEA staff do not have direct access to this level of data and therefore, staff will need to obtain this information via the district/school. Please make a copy of this spreadsheet previous to using it and read the “directions for use” tab as well.

Please contact Joe Kremer if you have any questions.

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