Translations Guidelines

The AEA’s responsibility to translate documents into a student’s native language is as follows:

  • IFSPs – PWN and Initial Consent for Evaluation only  (unless the family requests the whole IFSP)
  • IEPs  – PWN and Initial Consent for Evaluation
  • Speech only IEPs – PWN and Initial Consent for Evaluation

Statewide procedures require only the PWN and Consent for Evaluation forms be translated in addition to an interpreter present at IEP/IFSP meetings. 

Please communicate to your staff that IEP services and supports must be thoroughly documented on the PWN so parents have a clear understanding of what services and supports the IEP team determines their child will receive.

When needing documents translated please contact Melinda Boller  in our Clear Lake office and she will be able to pass along what you need.  

If you have questions, please contact Julie Miller.

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