Iowa Standards for School Leaders

Learn together about the Iowa Standards for School Leaders:

CR – The New Leadership Standards Focused Deep Dive:  Pathway 2 (Evaluator Approval)

Iowa Standards for School Leaders and criteria represent a set of knowledge and skills that reflects the best evidence available regarding effective leadership for Iowa schools. The standards and criteria are linked to the evaluation of administrators and the professional development plans for administrators.

CRAEA is offering a course to dive into and implement the ISSL standards.  Participants will engage in learning how to align evidence from their day to day work to the new Iowa Leadership Standards for Education Administrators.  This course addresses the following outcomes:

  1. The identification of quality instruction and practices based on the Iowa teaching standards and criteria. 
  2. The use of multiple forms of data collection for identifying and supporting performance and development. 
  3. The understanding and development of conferencing and feedback skills. 
  4. The development of skills in data based decision making. 

This course starts on November 4, 2021.  Click here to register.  For more information contact:  Bradi Johnson or Jo Prusha.

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