2021-2022 District Data Profiles

The 2021-22 version of the Central Rivers AEA District Data Profiles are currently available for your use.   All data in the profiles are complete and up-to-date. 

Profiles for each district can be found on our staff website under the Integrated Services Link – District Data Information 

To locate a specific district’s Data Profile, simply select the desired district, and then locate the 2021-22 folder.  It is here you will find the most current District Data Profile, as well as other data documents such as the district’s Equity Report, and Special Education Profile.  Supplemental documents include a District Data Profile Definitions and Talking Points document (currently being updated).  You are encouraged to become familiar with these two documents so you can develop a deeper understanding of the data and how they can and should be used.  

Misc. Notes and Reminders: 

  • These data are to be considered as broad indicators of the health and well-being of a district and are to be used as a tool to become more familiar with a district/school you are assigned to as well as information which can serve as a catalyst for data-based conversations with the district around continuous improvement. These data represent a point in time “balcony level” or “snap shot” look at many areas of student/school performance.  These data are not considered to be diagnostic nor prescriptive.
  • Districts and AEA collaborators are encouraged to “dig deeper” into their data using multiple sources of additional information if these data indicate that a continuous improvement opportunity exists.
  • Not all data from the 2020-21 school year are currently available on this 2021-22 edition of the District Data Profiles due to the fact that some data are reported by the Department of Education with a one year (or more) lag.  If this is the case, the data depicted would be from the year before or from the most current that is available.  Additionally, one prominent piece of data, the Iowa School Performance Profile (ISPP) is not yet available.  Thus, it was decided to include the most recent data, which was 2019, into this profile.  These profiles will be updated when this data becomes available.

Every effort has been made to assure that the data contained in the District Profiles are accurate.  If inaccurate data are identified or suspected, please contact Joe Kremer ASAP.

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