2020-2021 ISASP on EdInsight

Hello EdInsight users!  

  • ISASP data for 2020-2021 is now available in EdInsight in selected reports:
    • ASMT 1.1.3 – Individual Student List by Grade
    • ASMT 1.1.4 – Individual Student List by Grade – NSS Score History
    • ASMT 1.1.8 – Assessment Profile
    • ASMT 1.4 – Assessment Cube Reports
    • Search by Student
    • APR 4.1 – Student Achievement
    • APR 4.2 – Annual Progress Report Data

If you need assistance in gaining access to the Iowa Education Portal or the EdInsight application, please use the tutorials at the bottom of the DE webpage.  If you are needing assistance in navigating EdInsight or understanding what type of data each report will provide, contact Joe Kremer.

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