ISASP 2021 Percentile Ranks

Iowa Testing Programs just recently released the 2021 ISASP Iowa Percentile Ranks.  These conversion tables can be used by educators to find the 2021 percentile rank associated with Scale Scores on the ISASP assessments. The conversion tables are organized by grade, and each grade-level table includes columns containing the IPR of each ISASP Scale Score. The Scale Score to Percentile Rank conversions were obtained directly from the statewide distributions of ISASP Scale Scores in the spring 2021 administration for students that completed the tests in a proctored environment. In each test area and grade, these tables were developed from the final scoring file created for the purpose of reporting scores to Iowa schools. To use the tables, locate the grade-level of the student. Then find the student’s ISASP Scale Score in the column labeled Scale Score. The scale scores are ordered from high to low in each grade.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Kremer.

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