IEP Reminders

A Reminder on Move-in IEP’s

  • Move-in IEP: The Move-in IEP option is intended to be used when an eligible individual moves to an Iowa school district from another state shortly before the fall count date. At all other times, select another IEP meeting type.
  • A move-in IEP provides the data necessary to include the child in the weighted count and allows the district and AEA to provide “services comparable to those described in the child’s IEP from the previous public agency” until a complete Iowa IEP is developed [281—41.323(6)]. A complete Iowa IEP must be developed as soon as practicable.
  • A move-in IEP requires completion of: Family Tab (student/adult information); A Tab; F Tab – if transportation services are included on F Tab, G Tab would require completion of the transportation question; RSD Tab.
  • Clarification: When a student moves in from out of state the enrollment date must be used as the meeting date on the A page. Then the duration ending date would continue to be the same date as the out of state IEP.

Name Changes

  • When requesting a name to be changed in the IEP system, please provide the Adoption Cree documents. These documents are necessary as they provide information on why there is a name change and when the name change goes into effect. 


  • It will be very helpful when submitting the weighted enrollment factor matrix to add the Date of Birth on the name line. This will help with efficiency in validating IEPs.

For questions, please contact your Data Entry staff member.

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