Universal Protocol for Reading Accommodations

As many of you may recall, last year we were able to offer access to the Universal Protocol for Reading Accommodations to our school districts and to team representatives.  For those new to uPAR or those that may need a refresher, below is a short video that explains why you would want to use it.

Why Video Link

In order to access the uPAR this year, we ask that you fill out the following Google Form to give us the information needed to add you to a district. It will also ask you to commit to attending ONE short informational zoom meeting where we will share the access and information you will need to get started.  

Using the uPAR is an efficient and effective way to gather information teams need to know about their readers and their need for reading accommodations.  It also helps in answering AEM (Accessible Educational Materials) and AT (Assistive Technology) questions on the IEP.  

We look forward to the opportunity to share the uPAR with you.

CRAEA uPAR Implementation Team

Lea Ann Peschong

Jennifer Cline

Abby Martin


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