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Believe in Yourself! 9-1-2021 8:00 A.M.
I-Page Page I – Discussion Recording

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I-Page – Is intended for a natural disaster. The I-Page is for National Disasters – Top part is the original questions on Page I and for schools that are offering virtual settings, so answer these questions,  then delete the bottom two questions.  The bottom two questions are only for non-virtual services.(schools that are not offering virtual services).  This is a spot that you can take good notes of how the virtual services helped this child so you can go back and look.
Snow Days Snow Days are not virtual school days.
When should we be implementing and updating these page I questions? At the IEP time.  Do not go in and redo the IEP’s.  Do as they naturally come up.
Only if the child is participating in a virtual school situation, are the questions updated? You update  I-Page last two questions in case the student would go to virtual services.  If they do go to virtual then you need to answer the top 5 questions on the I-PAge.
If the student is participating in virtual and should that be reflected on the F page? This should be updated on Page I.  Reflect it on Page I.
Virtual Academy – This is the school for a lot of students and this is their school they go to every day. This is documented on the F page.  Home Schooling for this year this would be on page I because this could change.
I-Page Bottom 2 questions are for all kids and the top questions are for kids moving to virtual services.
Families are quarantining for certain reasons. The district is counting this as a parent choice absence and the teachers are sending work home. This is correct.  Last year they had covid absence and so it wasn’t counted against the kids but this year that is gone because the DE wants them back in school.
Have special ed teachers and/or special ed coordinators received this info, or do we need to pass it along? Yes as of 8/31/21 the districts have received the I-page info. LEA Special Ed Directors, Superintendents, RA’s and Team Reps.
The student was exited last December or January and the students are already back.  How are we suppose to evaluate them. (parents revoked consent) Get the student in and do some observations and evaluate the student and interview the parent.  If the student has not been gone over one year then the data is probably still valid.  You still have to start the process over and get a consent form signed, do some observations.  I am not telling you to do 15 observations.  Interview student and parents and find out what is going on.  Please use common sense when we move through this.
How do we answer the intervention question? Is there information on the progress monitoring data. If so, use that data?  Use the data that you have.
Can we move ahead with an initial evaluation with existing data if the student has been exited in the last year? Yes, if the student was in special ed previously and the data supports your decision.  It is important that the student is getting services and the paperwork does get done but the student services is the most important.
Achieve Training Hopefully starts in January
Are homeschooled students eligible for IEP work experience if they receive IEP services at the public school along with one elective class but core classes are homeschooled? YES – if a student is dual enrolled for special educations services and have needs for transition, they would be able to access Work Experience services.
Question Believe in Yourself! 9-1-2021 3:00 P.M.
Page I The” Page I” outlines the services during a National Disaster.  This is also a document that you can document information on to let the next person know what was successful and what wasn’t.

5 top questions – use if the district has virtual services, then delete the bottom two.

2 bottom questions are used if the student does not have virtual students.  This is a place that you can talk about what the child needs.


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CF has a virtual campus.

If they are enrolled in an online virtual school?

Students have to enroll in a virtual school. This would be a virtual school and these services would be reflected on page F.
Preschool Virtual Services – you might have to get the child started with services and see what they need (what the IEP says) Preschool is not a mandatory attendance age.  When you are looking at virtual services for them, it is what is in their IEP that would need to be done at home.  You should know by reading the IEP what modifications need to be done.

Put on Page F what  modifications are needed.

Current PAge I that populates with what was done last year. Create a new I Page if you need one before Sept. 7.
A parent requested that anyone that came in contact with their child had to wear a mask.

OCR got involved in this.  OCR is saying no one has to wear a mask or all have to wear a mask.  Then this would not be discriminating.

We have to take each individual request and think it through.  Investigate this yourself.  Call the doctor’s office and see what the student needs exactly.


Question Believe in Yourself! 9-8-2021 8:00 A.M.
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