I-Page Revisions (Proposed)

The directors reviewed and decided to proceed with some adjustments in the I-Page questions.  We will use the top questions if a school is offering virtual services for a child and delete the bottom questions.  If a school is not offering virtual services, use the bottom two questions and delete the top questions.  The bottom two questions are a place for you to note what was working for the child when virtual services were implemented due to COVID.  This will assist IEP teams in the future if something occurs that sends us back into virtual services.  

If you have any questions, Amy Knupp will have her Wednesday meetings for staff where she will review this and you can ask any questions you may have!

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Additional Information – specify purpose 

Discuss one of the following options and document IEP Team decisions in preparation for occasions when a continuous learning plan is necessary. Consider other questions as relevant to the unique circumstances of the individual. Delete the option (questions) not discussed.

If the learner is currently participating in a virtual learning model as an option related to COVID-19, complete the following questions.  Delete this section if not applicable.

  • Describe the General Education services and settings for virtual learning. 
  • What accessibility needs are unique to the student for virtual learning? 
  • What other needs of the student are unique to the virtual setting and his/her/their individual circumstances? 
  • How will services on page F be prioritized, adapted, and delivered to the student to make progress in virtual learning? What, if any, services will not be delivered in virtual/hybrid learning? 
  • What goals are prioritized by the IEP team and how will progress monitoring for these goals be adapted for a virtual setting? 
  • What additional considerations are important for the implementation of this IEP with these adaptations?

Delete this section if the team completed the section above.

If the learner is not participating in a virtual learning model at this time due to either lack of need or district option, please complete the following questions to prepare for the possibility if the district delivery mode of instruction is altered (e.g. virtual format).  

  • Describe key considerations related to the learner’s needs if the district delivery mode of instruction is altered. 
  • What short-term actions will be implemented immediately upon district moving to a different delivery option for the student to ensure access to instruction until the IEP team develops or refines a continuous learning plan
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