ACHIEVE System Update (8/31/21)

The AEA Special Education Directors know districts are eager to learn more about the transition plan to ACHIEVE, the state’s new IEP/IFSP system. The ACHIEVE Governance Council (AGC) is pleased to share an updated overview related to the system rollout. Please share this update with staff who will be working with this system.

Updated Implementation Dates

All districts will be using the ACHIEVE system no later than September 15, 2022, with the inclusion of all IEPs/IFSPs by June 30, 2023. This slide deck provides milestones in a few different formats to help provide you with an overview of the system rollout. 

We appreciate that this timeline might prompt several questions about how and when your district should transition to the new system. Resources to help the AEA and district evaluate collective readiness and select an appropriate time for the transition will be coming later this fall.  More information about professional learning will be available in the future.

Communication Timeline

The AGC, which includes representation of Department of Education staff, AEA special education directors, and LEA special education directors, remains committed to providing regular updates on the system rollout. Superintendents will review this information at their monthly AEA superintendent meeting. Additionally, the AGC will continue providing updates through the ACHIEVE website.

Thank you for your continued collaboration on this important initiative. 

Questions? Contact Amy Knupp

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