Google Slides Timer

Ever wanted to add a timer to a Google Slide? In the past, we’ve usually added a YouTube video of a timer.  But if you already have a Google Slide show you are using, install Slides Timer and then you’ll have a built-in timer! 

If you want to test it out, open Google Chrome and install this extension and then open this test slide.  Ignore the content of the slide, just a slide used to test it out. Go to the upper right-hand corner and click on Present and then the timer will start automatically on the slide.  The font can be adjusted just like any other text box.  You make it count down or count up and make it for any amount of time you’d like- at least from what I’ve learned so far. 

**Note- this timer does not work when in Pear Deck, only in the present mode of Google Slides

Please feel free to share with and don’t hesitate to reach out to one of your instructional technologists: Kay Schmalen, Ryan Andreassen, Michelle Meier, Cari Teske, Sarah Nelson, Cheryl Carruthers, LeaAnn Peschong if you have any questions!

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