EdPuzzle, Flipgrid & Screencastify

We recognize there are many tools out there for your teachers to choose from to support student engagement. As most of you are aware our instructional tech team has created a Pear Deck for AEA as well as a Pear Deck for LEA document for you to use/share, but did you also know we have created additional documents around three commonly used tools? 

Our purpose in creating these documents is to provide you with information and professional learning support options.  We feel these tools that have the potential to engage students in a variety of ways. We are NOT saying you should change course if you already have a similar tool that meets your needs.  *Note CRAEA has NOT purchased the premium or plus versions. 

If you are unfamiliar with these tools, check out the overview/introductory videos below. 

What is Edpuzzle?
All-New Flipgrid 2020 on Vimeo
Screencastify Overview 

Please feel free to share with and don’t hesitate to reach out to one of your instructional technologists: Kay Schmalen, Ryan Andreassen, Michelle Meier, Cari Teske, Sarah Nelson, Cheryl Carruthers, LeaAnn Peschong if you have any questions

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