2020-21 District Data Profiles are now available!

An updated version of the District Data Profiles are now available on the CRAEA staff Website.  To locate/access these resources, log into the staff website and select “Integrated Services.”  On the resulting list, select “District Data Information.”  From here, go to the site indicated and then proceed to locate the district of your choice.

As you review and use this information, please keep the following information in mind:

  • These data are to be considered indicators of the health and well-being of a district and provide a sort of “balcony level” look at many areas of school/student performance. These data are not considered to be diagnostic nor prescriptive.
  • Districts are encouraged to “dig deeper” into their data using multiple sources of additional information if these data indicate that a school improvement opportunity may exist.
  • Not all data from the most recent school year are currently available for these District Profiles due to the data not being released by the Iowa Department of Education by the date of publication. If this is the case, the data depicted would be from the year before.
  • Although these profiles are only available via our staff website, please feel free to share this information with the districts you serve.  Each report can be downloaded as a PDF and then shared as is appropriate given your needs and the needs of the districts you work with.  Although much (but not all) of the information contained in these profiles are publicly available, we do not encourage the sharing of a district’s profile with another district. 

Every effort has been made to assure that the data contained in the District Data Profiles are accurate. If inaccurate data are identified or suspected, please contact Joe Kremer (jkremer@centralriversaea.org)  at 319-493-5390 ASAP. 

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