Google Sheets Course

Looking for ways to increase your skills and knowledge in using Google Sheets to organize and analyze your data?  Join this Google Sheets course, you can take it for no credit, or 2 license renewal or graduate credit There are two sections currently available for registration on the AEA PD System. If you want to take it for no credit, please email me (Kay Schmlalen). 

Section #284418 | Online Sept 2020  Section Dates: 09/27/2020 – 11/01/2020 Course #: 189386 LO – Google Sheets 101

Section #284419 | Online Oct 2020 Section Dates: 10/25/2020 – 11/29/2020 Course #: 189386 LO – Google Sheets 101

Cost per/credit

$95.00 License Renewal Credit (1)

$190.00 Drake Graduate Credit (1)

$190.00 Grandview University Graduate Credit (1)

$190.00 Morningside Graduate Credit (1)


These courses are taught completely online via a course management program.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Kay Schmalen at

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