Progress Monitoring Remotely

Check out Pear Deck! 

Here is an interactive experience created for anyone gathering progress monitoring data in a virtual setting. This was designed to give you a taste of what students could experience along with a variety of options for use with literacy, math, and behavior goals. While you are navigating through, look for video and audio directions to guide you.  If you are supporting teachers who provide SDI and are looking for ideas, share the link and information below with them. Pear Deck is a simple ‘add-on’ to your Google Presentations. 

To get started click HERE  OR go to and enter szcxg.

After you experience some of these options, you may be motivated to learn more or share with others:

If you have any questions regarding these directions or the resources, feel free to contact: Brena Huber (, Lorelei Lake ( or Kortney Owen (

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