Special Education Students and Virtual Learning 

  • When submitting IEPs, add in the ‘End Comment’ section if the student is receiving services virtually. A simple statement such as “virtual learning” will help IMS staff accurately track student information for October count.  
  • If virtual services are being provided in another district, the student’s resident district stays the same and does not change to the district virtual services are being provided.


Student Transfers

  • Make sure all demographic information is current. 
  • Transfer Within a Building: The ‘Change Provider’ button is used to indicate a grade level or teacher change  Page A teacher will only change when a new IEP is started. 
  • Note when a child moves to Kindergarten so the student’s grade level can be updated.
  • Out of State Move-In:  Requires the completion of the Family Tab, Page A, Tab F, Tab G, and RSD only to be used during the count.  If not being used for count purposes, create a new Iowa review or reevaluation IEP.
  • Transfer between districts with Central Rivers AEA:  Click Add/Transfer and update ALL of the information – you may have to scroll to the bottom to complete all services and supports
  • In-State Move Out of District:  Receiving school completes the transfer process  
  • Accessing a new I page or editing an existing I page done through an active (current and validated)  IEP:
    • After clicking on Forms for Active IEP, proceed to the Forms tab and access the pull-down menu to access the form. New forms will be added to the existing IEP and will not roll over into a newly opened IEP.


Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your patience.

-Pam Kabela – Level 6 Administrator – Cedar Falls Office

-Nicole Heiselman – Level 6 Administrator/Data Entry – Cedar Falls Office

-Amanda Hennigar – Data Entry – Clear Lake Office

-Margy Averill – Data Entry – Marshalltown Office

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