Additional Questions about Page I:

Once an IEP has developed and documented the virtual/hybrid learning plan for a leaner, if the IEP team determines the needs to make changes is an amendment required every time?  

–Yes, any change to an IEP requires an amendment (with or without a meeting) or the development of a new IEP.

Can you continue to upload an Additional Page I instead of using the Page I with the IEP? 

–Current guidance does not include “uploading” an Additional Information Page/Page I to an IEP, rather team should use the Additional Information Page/Page I available in several ways in the IEP.  (If teams are uploading to Associated Files, that practice will create additional challenges moving forward.)

If you use the Page I on the IEP, does the information rollover to a new IEP? No.  However, an IEP team could copy and paste the virtual/hybrid plan developed on a previous IEP and then carefully review the plan to ensure it current, accurate, and aligns with the situation at the time IEP the new IEP is being developed.  (Some plans developed last spring will not align with the reality of this fall due to the July 1 Return to Learn expectations for districts)

Q and A document on the Additional Info Page on i3 may assist staff with questions as they work with districts on plans.

Information from Amy Knupp – Executive Director of Special Education

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