Inspired Mentorship & Student Centered Coaching update

We wanted to let you know based on the decision to not have any F2F training in August — we have updated the Student Centered Coaching and Inspired Mentorship flyers and are asking that you continue to communicate this information to our school partners.

We are currently offering Inspired Mentorship via zoom and have also created this virtual option for our August offering.  Please notice we have added a morning session on August 5, 2020 to eliminate being on zoom for a full day and to ensure we are able to have processing time for the content we have planned for Day 1 of Inspired Mentorship.  Day 2 is diving deeper into the process of mentoring and working with our learning focused conversation templates – so we feel a little more confident about that being a full day of learning within the zoom platform.

Student Centered Coaching will also be virtual in August.  Please click on the link to the flyer to see more details about that course. Please note the Required Text from Corwin:  The Essential Guide for Student Centered Coaching ISBN: 9781544375359  is being offered at a 25% discount, plus free shipping off until end of June — promo code ESSENTIAL at checkout)

To aid in the deepening & transfer of learning – we are asking that participants have the book read before the first day of class. (Coming soon to the flyer will be a draft schedule for 8/10 & 11/2020). 

We know districts might be in the midst of hiring for administrative, teaching and teacher leadership positions and we wanted to share with you these learning opportunities to support those that will be supporting others and ask that you please share this information with your administrators and others you think might be interested in knowing about this Student Centered course and/or our Inspired Mentorship Training.  

Thanks again for helping us spread the word about these learning opportunities.  If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know.  We are excited to continue to find ways to meet your needs and learn with you and the schools you support.

Take care,

Jo Prusha

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