COVID-19 Information and Guidance for Special Education (updated 4/15/20)

Guidance and information will be updated as additional information becomes available. All documents in this post are intended for the information of AEA staff only. Do not share these documents directly with districts. Please talk to your RA about sharing the information contained here.

Parameters for the Delivery of AEA Related Services (Posted 4/15/20) This document provides recommendations for AEA staff to consider regarding the delivery of virtual
services in districts that have chosen to provide Required Educational Services. This document is intended for AEA staff only. Do not share this document directly with districts. 

Return to Learn Parameters for AEA Staff (Posted 4/15/20) This document provides information to support IEP teams to ensure participation of students with disabilities in required educational services. This document is intended for AEA staff only.  Do not share this document directly with districts.

Important WebIEP Announcements (Posted 4/13/20)

  • To reduce confusion, the Child Find email reminders in the WebIEP system have been temporarily stopped.
  • If the evaluation team is unable to complete the evaluation at this time AND will be holding an eligibility meeting when face-to-face school resumes, staff are strongly encouraged to not enter a “yes/no” in the ‘Meeting Held’ box on the EDW.

Amy Knupp’s Zoom meeting, recorded April 9, 2020, to explain special education supports during continuous learning. ( Posted 4/13/20)

CRAEA Staff Questions – This document contains many questions from our staff.  It has been updated and organized so that you can more easily find answers. Please check it for questions you might have or post questions you have that are not yet answered.  It is frequently updated with answers.

Virtual Services Disclaimers (Updated 4/13/20) – Please use this message during the first session you conduct with a student/family.  This message is for AEA staff use only, and it should not be shared with others. You do not have to share it at every session.
Early Access Virtual Services Disclaimer
Part B Virtual Services Disclaimer

Special Education Supports for Iowa Public Schools During COVID-19 (Posted 4/7/20) This was introduced by Amy Knupp during her Zoom meetings with discipline teams on March 27. Additional guidance will continue to be developed.  RAs will communicate these supports with schools – please do not share the document.  Please contact your RA with questions.

Amy Knupp’s Zoom Meetings with Discipline Teams (Posted 3/27/20) – This document contains links to recordings for each of the Zoom meetings held on March 27, 2020.

Expanded Parameters for AEA Staff Working During COVID-19 Outbreak: Part B
(Posted 3/26/20) – Includes examples for writing PWN

Expanded Parameters for AEA Staff Working During COVID-19 Outbreak: Part C
(Updated 4/13/20) – Includes examples for writing PWN

Amy Knupp Webinar Recording (Posted 3/20/20)

The Department of Education frequently updates its COVID-19 guidance and information. It is shared directly with school districts and is processed by AEA Directors to guide work.  The links provided here contain the most recent special education related guidance and is provided for your information.  There is much more information provided on the DE’s webpage linked above than what is provided here.

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