Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots — June 15 & 16, 2020

In schools where the achievement gap is being closed, what mindsets, policies, roles, structures and supports allow for that? It’s time we connect the dots between school improvement, teacher leadership, and teams to complete the picture of a successful MTSS framework.  
Jenni Donohoo, Ann Mausbach and Diane Sweeney will help build capacity in teams to share feedback to impact student learning and help examine student data to monitor and adjust the universal tier.  Diane Sweeney will be attending virtually June 15 to share her insight into this work. 

Two of the sessions descriptors proposed are shared below:

  • Collaborative inquiry engages teams in an evidence-based decision-making cycle. The shared examination of evidence is a critical component when determining whether or not the team’s actions are making a difference in regard to student outcomes. Participants will learn how to facilitate a focused conversation that helps collaborative inquiry teams develop thinking in a logical manner and then draw conclusions in respect to next steps to improving student outcomes and enhancing collective teacher efficacy.
  • As a leader of a school have you ever felt like you were playing an endless game of “Whack A Mole”? Do you work hard all year to find that student results weren’t impacted? This session will help leaders identify and commit to an intense focus. Processes will be shared that help principals leverage efforts through aligning school improvement processes:  Understand key commitments needed to stay focused throughout the school year; Learn how to connect the school improvement plan to professional development; Understand how to develop focused plans that get results.

Please share this information with school leadership teams to help build their capacity to support ALL students and engage in meaningful learning to support your school improvement plans and learner needs.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Kelly Gallagher, Kim Hurley, Bill Soesbe, Amy Moine or Jo Prusha

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