Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Good Friday

For nearly 20 years, Central Rivers AEA has recognized the importance of Martin Luther King Day and Good Friday by remaining closed. While these are important days to recognize, from a service perspective, we have also had to acknowledge that some school districts across our area may not be closed on these two days.

Traditionally, supervisors have had the flexibility to grant an exception if staff were specifically requested/needed by one or more districts that they serve (e.g. to lead professional learning). Also, in rare instances, supervisors could approve a work day based on assignments, duties, and/or pending deadlines. This practice has worked well overall, although questions have been raised about whether the default should be to allow staff to work if their district is open, regardless of special assignment or deadline.

Moving forward, please honor the following procedures on MLK Day and Good Friday:

  • Offices are closed, so staff should not be reporting to any of our three main offices to work. 
  • Support staff should not be working unless approved by their supervisor for a specific project/timeline requirement. (This would be a rare instance.)
  • If certified staff do not have a school that they serve in session, the default is that these are not work days. However, staff would have the ability to request supervisor approval to work based on assignments, duties, and/or pending deadlines. (This would be a rare instance.)
  • If certified staff has one or more schools served in session, they should plan to work on these dates assuming they have assignments, duties or other pending deadlines (e.g. not an “office day”). Staff would not need supervisor approval. 
  • However, even if one or more schools are in session on either MLK Day or Good Friday, staff may choose not to work on either of these two days so that they can recognize the importance of these holidays as personally desired.
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