Electronic Consent Forms

There have been a multitude of requests to Level 6 administrators requesting to unlock the Consent to Receive Electronic Consent forms.  If the form has been filled out incorrectly, the user(s) will need to add a new form and fill in the information correctly. Asking to have the Consent to Receive Electronic Consent form unlocked will no longer be an option. 

Reminder:  If there is more than one form, the most recent form will pull to page A, the Student List/My List/A Tchr/Sp, and the report.


  • The form should be added via the Forms tab and printed if getting a signature on a hard copy of the form.  Once the user has all the information they should enter the data in the form on the Forms tab (in order to track this data) and mark the form “complete.”
  • If the user has all the information, they can fill out the form and mark the form complete.
  • Form Date (top of form) should match the most recent date that is entered next to ‘I give consent, I do not consent, or no signature available’. 
  • Users should enter the email address if selecting ‘I give consent’.
  • It is recommended that the hard copy of the completed form be uploaded under Associated Files (if applicable). 
  • Once the user has selected ‘Yes, I am ready to archive the form’ the form is then locked and can not be edited.
  • If the user adds the Consent to Receive from via an Amendment and the Amendment gets processed prior to the form being filled in, then the form will archive blank.  A new form will need to be added in this situation.
  • If user enters data on the form prior to having all the information and is stuck in the form, they can remove what they have entered for dates by choosing ‘blank’ at the bottom of the calendar for date fields, remove any checkmark they have chosen, and go back to the Forms tab without ‘locking’ the form. 

If there are additional questions about the form, staff should review Procedures, look over the questions and answers document on IowaIDEAinfo.org, and/or reach out to Julie Miller,  the Procedures Contact at Central Rivers.  The LEAs are responsible for the completion, communication, and record-keeping of this consent form.

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