Iowa’s New MTSS Data System (Panorama) – Update

Many of you have probably heard that Iowa is getting ready to launch their new MTSS data system (Panorama).  This system will effectively take the place of the Iowa Tier system that the state used several years ago. When initially launched, this new data system will house FAST Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring data for literacy around the state’s healthy indicators.  As this platform evolves, math, behavior and other “Early Warning System” data will become available. We are currently in the process of developing plans that will allow staff to gain access to this system as well as receive some training on the system’s use. In the meantime, we ask the following:


  • Continue to use your current Fastbridge Access for your data needs as this system will contain the same system level and student level data as will the new system.  We know that some staff, as a result of assignment changes, do not yet have access to all of their schools. These requests have been submitted to the DE and we are awaiting this to be acted upon.  We anticipate that these changes will be completed soon. You will be notified of any changes that have been made to your Fastbridge access once we hear back from the DE.
  • Do not attempt to access the new MTSS Data System (Panorama) via the school’s student information system.  AEA staff are to access this new MTSS system through the state’s Educational Portal (via your A & A Account).  Once the process has been fully established, staff will be notified and provided with directions on how to make this request.
  • The AEA is offering MTSS Data System (Panorama) training to our LEA Partners on October 7th (Clear Lake Office) and October 18th (Cedar Falls Office).  Please do not register for these trainings as we need to be sure that we have adequate space for district staff. AEA training in the form of webinars, offered on multiple dates and times, will most likely be the training vehicle and therefore will not require staff to travel to an AEA office.


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact Joe Kremer.

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