Educator Quality and Professional Development

What is EQ, and how is spending determined?

Central Rivers AEA is allocated approximately $300,000 per year that must be used for professional development of certified staff.   We are required by law to have a committee (made up of certified staff and administrators) approve how we spend these funds. The committee meets 2-3 times per year to review, approve and discuss how these funds are spent.  

How has EQ been appropriated in recent years?

Two years ago, Central Rivers had over $320,000 of carryover in Educator Quality (EQ) in addition to the $300,000 that we receive each year. The committee decided the carryover should be spent, so certified employees were given greater flexibility to attend professional development and allowed to receive additional pay for extra hours (16 hours) devoted to professional development.  

How was spending for the 2019-2020 EQ budget year determined?

The intent to spend down the carryover has been achieved, and our EQ budget for 2019-2020 is $300,000.  In the spring, Executive Directors Dr. Julie Davies and Amy Knupp worked with Regional Administrators and Discipline Leads to identify needs and to allocate EQ dollars that support our agency directives and initiatives. They presented their plan to the EQ Committee, and it was approved.  The entire $300,000 was budgeted, and any professional development expense above $300,000 will now come from our “regular” general fund budget.

What if I want to attend professional development that is not part of the EQ budget?

Since any professional development expense not on the approved EQ budget will come from our “regular” general fund budget, we intend to be more purposeful about how these funds are spent.  Professional Development is an important and necessary part of our work and the goal is to make sure we are getting good use from all professional development expenses. With that said, professional development should be aligned to the Agency programs and goals and employee PD plans.  Professional development that is being offered by Central Rivers AEA will be approved because we feel it is worthwhile.    

We acknowledge there will be other professional development opportunities outside Central Rivers AEA that are not in the EQ budget, and employees are encouraged to discuss these opportunities with their Regional Administrator and Discipline Administrator Liaisons.  Administrators will submit appropriate requests to Executive Directors for approval.  

For further questions and ideas regarding EQ and PD, please speak with your Regional Administrator.  Your input is valuable to identifying professional development opportunities so they can be submitted on next year’s EQ budget in the spring.

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