Procedural Safeguards and Electronic Communications

Thomas Mayes, Legal Consultant for the Iowa Department of Education,  is now recommending that IEP teams document if parents decline a paper copy of the Procedural Safeguards.  This means we must offer a paper copy each time, not just an electronic copy. Teams will now be able to document on the A page whether parents accepted or declined the paper copy.

It is also a requirement that districts get permission to share any electronic communication with parents through a form which is now included on the IEP forms.  All teachers will need to be aware of this and the district will also need to keep track of this. A teacher can send out any general information, but any reference to special education needs permission from parents.  For example, if a general education teacher sends out a reminder of a field trip, that is fine, however if she references that an aide will be accompanying the student, that needs permission.

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