FASTBridge Access

Work is underway to identify which staff need access to the FASTBridge data system and for which buildings.  Submitting the request for changes to the Department of Education will happen soon, and once changes are completed by the DE, it will be communicated to staff regarding their login credentials. Unfortunately, a definite date for the completion of this process is not possible.  Each AEA is engaged in this process so the number of individual account changes that need to be made across the AEA system is quite large. Staff who continue to serve the same districts/buildings as last year will continue to be able to use the FASTBridge data system as in the past to access data.

In the meantime, if staff are needing specific student level data for a building that they do not currently have access to they can: 1) Ask a teacher from the building the student attends, 2) Ask staff who served the building last year, or 3) Contact Joe Kremer or Laura Ramaekers for assistance.

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