3-5 Intake/Referrals Update

We want to welcome Rebekah Troyer as the new administrative assistant who will be the primary contact for all 3-5 intakes/referrals. Please review the Central Rivers 3-5 Early Childhood Consultative Request document explaining the updated process. 

A few changes to note are: 

  • The change in the title of the process from 3-5 intakes or referrals to 3-5 Early Childhood Consultative Request. 
  •  ALL requests from a parent, DHS, Doctor, teacher and/or other referring agencies will go to Rebekah first. 

These changes will allow us to be more efficient and effective within our processes for documenting 3-5 Early Childhood Consultative requests. Please contact Amber Dietz or Ashley Sires if you have any questions.

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