Update on Exploration of Team Rep Roles and Responsibilities

We have been working on and recently completed the process for collecting data to examine the roles and responsibilities of the Team Representative at Central Rivers AEA to ensure high-quality, efficient, and equitable services are provided.

Questions guiding the work:

  • What are the current work activities that team reps are engaged in?
  • What do schools need TR to be doing in order to impact students?
  • What skill sets are necessary to do those things?

We’ve collected a lot of information from a current and a desired reality survey, as well as input from team rep focus groups, AEA administrators, LEA administrators, and sped teachers about your work. We are currently working at pulling all the data together to share out with administrators and staff to explore continuous improvement opportunities within the role.

Again, the feedback we have received from our LEA partners has recognized the value and importance of the work you all do for their students, teachers, and administrators.

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